Payment method and Privacy

Reservations will be made directly to the email: cubabellaparati@gmail.com.

The payment will be through transfers to fincimex cards whose offices are located in Havana, bank transfers, or online deposits to our Cards (AIS) AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SERVICES.

You can also make deposits via (western union).

In the case of house rentals to secure the reservation and guarantee the services for the scheduled date, you must make the deposit in advance of half of the amount of the reservation.

In the case of packages, the full amount of the reservation must be paid since the different services that will be provided to the client must be paid to the different facilities such as restaurants, shows, and collection drivers.

Important information:

In each house only two adults are allowed per room,

For families two adults and their children under age per room.

The aforementioned will be included in the terms and conditions to comply fully subject to explicit contracts signed with the tenants to ensure the integrity of privacy of customers.

Cuba is an island in which human security is something that prevails as a general rule, this makes it one of the safest countries in the world, which together with its tropical climate, its white sand beaches and its exuberant nature, make it be one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean by tourists from all over the world.

Cubabella assists its visitors by providing the right place with distinguished service to enjoy the charm of Cuba and the Cubans.

Contact Person: Carlos 535 2538636/535 299440 / Aylin 537 260 28 80.

Email: cubabellaparati@gmail.com

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